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-Parker Palmer-

"How do we know what we know? 

And by what warrant can we call our knowledge true?  Our answers may be largely tacit, even unconscious, but they are continually communicated in the way we teach and learn.”

As a healthcare provider in preventive wellness care and lifestyle medicine, I have a deep understanding of teaching and motivating patients to actively engage in their own health interests. Drawing inspiration from the concept of "doctor as teacher," I believe that teaching and medicine share key qualities that contribute to effective learning. These qualities form the foundation of my teaching philosophy:

Cultivating Curiosity: Encouraging an inquisitive mindset in a non-judgmental environment is vital. I strive to awaken curiosity through interactive discussions, case-based scenarios, and reflection. For example, I utilize exercises which challenges students to question their own understanding and explore new perspectives.

Demonstrating Relevance: To make knowledge meaningful, I aim to establish a connection between what students learn and their personal growth and aspirations. I actively seek to understand their objectives through reflection assignments, feedback sessions, and discussions. I also incorporate project-based assignments and real-world scenarios to help students envision the practical applications of the curriculum.

Fostering Active Engagement: Student participation and engagement are crucial for effective learning. By helping students recognize the value of their education in achieving personal and professional goals, they become motivated to actively participate in the learning process. I create a learning environment that encourages participation, reflection, and exploration of how knowledge can be applied in their lives and careers.

These guiding principles shape my teaching philosophy, and I strive to embody them both in and out of the classroom. By remaining curious, exploring relevance, and actively engaging in my own learning journey, I aim to inspire these qualities in my students, colleagues, and the academic community.

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